Everyone smiles when experiencing the Startent, again and again. Why?

  • Stylish, chique, elegant, cosy, trendy and timeless.
  • Warning: Attention Grabber
  • Inside out and outside in: advantages of inside & outside living gathered together.
  • Sun or rain, hot or cold, Startent is a shelter for all weather conditions
  • Biggest surface covering with minimal supporting elements
  • Possibility to personalise with color, print or add-ons

Original manufacturer since 1999, no lookalike

  • As a market leader with more than 20 years of experience, we are your supplier of the Startent.
  • Cheap, cheap, is what the birds do and the chinese make – not we.

  • Developed in Belgium and manufactured in our Polish factory: value for money warranty.

  • Delivery time, transport issues, durability… don’t worry, it’s all covered.

  • Back-up and Repair Service is available

  • We are professionals working with professionals.

Return your investment

  • Startent is a money making investment.

  • High, higher, highest quality for a long, longer, longest lifetime.

  • Quick mounting without complexities means flexibility and saves time.

  • Very compact for storage and transport

  • All components can be ordered seperately.

Our models

Startent 35

Model 35
Height: 5.3m
Diameter: 13m
Cover Space 40m²
Build Time: 30min
People: 46


Startent 40-80

Model 40 Model 80
Height: 5.3m Height: 5.9m
Diameter: 13m Diameter: 17m
Cover Space 40m² Cover Space 80m²
Build Time: 30min Build Time: 30min
People: 53 People: 106

Stardouble 70-140

Model 70 Model 140
Height: 5.3m Height: 5.9m
Diameter: 13m Diameter: 17m
Cover Space 70m² Cover Space 140m²
Build Time: 30min Build Time: 30min
People: 93 People: 185

Discover the unique properties

The canvas

The tent fabric is 100% polyester, fire retardant and has a European fire certificateThe fabric is provided with technical coatings for waterproofing and mould-resistant. The UV coating in turn provides protection against sun and color retention. The fabric retains its elasticity and is tear-resistant even after long use. Various standard colors and full-digital printing are available.

Top of the tent

The top post is provided with a sturdy support of 15 mm thick that provides stable support for the roof. The top of the canvas is reinforced with an 8 mm thick metal ring and six sturdy 7 cm long straps to prevent tearing and absorb additional forces.

The pole

The pole is unbreakable, so safety is guaranteed and lower part of the post is additionally reinforced with a wall thickness of 8 mm and is equipped with a sturdy winding mechanism. With a detachable aluminum handle you can screw up the pole with forces that can lift more than 1000 kg. You can put the tent under perfect tension without much effort. We offer a 10-year warranty on this aluminum pole.

Anchorage Points

Each arm of the Startent is provided with a protective aluminum foot with a thickness of 6 mm. It has no sharp edges so that no one can get hurt by it. The fabric is extra firmly attached to the aluminum shoe with a PVC layer. Because of the shape of the foot you can not trip over it. A waterproof seal is provided on all stitching seams. Wind load is no problem up to 6Bft when the tent is properly anchored.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are the specialist in producing the Startent. We know the secrets of this product like no other.
Every detail has been engineered towards perfection. We are convinced to claim the titel of “best of its kind”.

The Startent has been developed in such a way that you can transport it quickly and easily.
It fits in almost every car. You drive to your event, set up the tent and you’re done!

Would you like to receive your Startent quickly?
No problem! Thanks to our large stock of tents, it is very easy to order and receive your tent at the address of your choice.

Questions or remarks?
Would you like to receive a special print, template or custom quote?
We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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